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About 3b protection

3B Protection Inc., is headquartered in California and Florida. We also have local representation and offices in almost every state. We have access to qualified manufacturing facilities in key locations throughout the USA. 3B can also provide products for projects throughout the world.

We offer full turnkey solutions from initial consultation, design and engineering, manufacturing, and installation, and working with architects and planners, we have our own team of fully qualified construction crews, project managers, and quality control managers.

Our expertise is offering tailored, unique, cost-effective, ballistic, blast, and forced entry real-life scenario security solutions which provide cutting-edge protection against a multitude of real-life threats. Our products are backed by years of research and development and are accredited by world-leading test houses.

There is no limitation on what we can offer, from protecting critical assets or buildings, our priority is to save time, money, and lives. For protection against active shooters, planned attacks, or random incidents you can be assured that you will have the best protection available.


Our Products

The 3B product range covers anything from ballistic, blast, and forced entry perimeter security walls, firewalls, blast walls, line of sight walls, critical asset heavy-duty attack walls, ballistic, UL Level 8 UL level 9 and UL level 10 ballistic security gates, blast gates, crash gates, ballistic, blast, forced entry security doors ballistic quick fit wall retrofits systems, complete buildings, anti-theft matting systems, and anti-climb systems. All of our products give the very highest levels of protection against any type of ballistic, shaped charge, blast, and forced entry attacks.

In addition, we also offer the highest level of protection against fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and seismic events, all of which are also offered with the above protection. We can offer you a shopping list of solutions you can mix and match however you please. We will work with you to make sure you have every angle of your security concerns covered.

There is no limitation on what we can offer, from protecting critical assets or buildings, our priority is to save time, money, and lives. For protection against active shooters, planned attacks, or random incidents you can be assured that you will have the best protection available.

Our products are produced using a variety of recycled materials, making 3B an environmentally friendly option.


Sectors Serviced

3B offers our clients unprecedented protection against ballistic, blast, and forced entry attacks. 3B also performs outstandingly well against hurricanes and areas that are subject to seismic activity. 

We offer full turnkey security solutions to the utility sector, all government sectors, and gas plants, water plants, data centers, and many more.

Our solutions include but are not limited to ballistic perimeter walls, ballistic gates, and ballistic doors. All of our products have been certified to the UL level 8, UL level 9, and UL level 10 standards, and our products also cover all the NIJ standards. 













Every project begins with an investigative consultation so we can present a unique personalized solution. We understand the difficulty in deciding on which type of security may work for your company, so 3B has developed a large portfolio of products that can be tailored to fit any project we are tasked with.


After the initial consultation, we will provide you with a personalized plan that will include a choice of solutions tailored specifically to your requirements. There will be a selection of options with different budgets all of which will solve your concerns and worries.


Once a solution has been decided upon, we will begin designing and engineering your project. Our highly skilled engineers will engage with your engineers during this part of the process to make sure each element satisfies any specific design criteria your company requires. Once all drawings and calculations have been approved by the client, we will provide you with a full set of PE stamped drawings applicable to your state. We will then get your project into production.


3B has multiple manufacturing facilities throughout the United States enabling us to supply your project locally, quickly, and efficiently. Our products are manufactured under strict quality assurance guidelines and go through a rigorous quality control inspection before being shipped to their destination.


In the lead-up to the installation of your project, 3B will conduct a site visit to determine several different factors before the commencement of your project. 3B’s unique Installation system makes the process of constructing your project simple and painless. Our highly experienced safety-conscious installation crews along with our project managers will ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.



When 3B first decided to approach the market with a ballistic product the main goal was to reach the prestigious UL 752 ratings. After some rigorous research and development, we easily obtained these ratings right up to and including UL level 10.

We approached the market with all our testing in hand and the feedback we had was quite extraordinary. Client focus had changed from wanting a product that stopped one or two rounds to something that would save their assets in a real-life situation. Why would you install a product that is protecting millions of dollars of assets that has the potential to fail after a few rounds?  It defeats the object of installing security walls and is really a waste of money.

After this valuable feedback, we revisited our product designs and embarked on additional research and testing to improve the performance and longevity of our products, not only to improve the volume of rounds that we could stop but also to incorporate different levels of blast and high-speed fragmentation protection. The test program was intense, and many hours were spent retesting, but we finally came up with an RLS portfolio.

We decided to showcase our new findings live in front of multiple clients and venues across the USA and today it has been proven that our walls will absorb over 10,000 rounds covering a variety of different calibers including 50 caliber. The walls stayed structurally sound and intact, witnessed by so many people who were just in total shock at what was happening before them. 3B has something that nobody else has in the United States or even the world. Nothing comes within an inch of the stopping power of 3B.

Our goal is simple, we want to give our client the best protection we can in terms of protection, and we want your assets to survive. We do not want to be boxed off as a piece of paper company because we have stopped one round to be accredited with the UL 752 ratings. We want to be known as a RLS solution that offers the best value for money protective solutions that protect you and your assets from the worst-case scenarios.



Product benefits include but are not limited to the following:

Full turnkey on the complete project 

Uses the unique 3B Protection technology

All NIJ and UL standards are covered

Ballistic protection from UL Level 3 to UL Level 10

Stress tested against 7,000 rounds

Protects against shape charge attacks (multiple)

Blast protection tested against C4 / RDX / RPG

High-speed fragmentation protection

Forced entry protection

Fire protection is 1-8 hours based on the threat level

Ballistic gates up to UL Level 10

Ballistic / Blast crash gates up to UL Level 10

Ballistic doors up to UL Level 10

Ballistic / blast lightweight doors up to UL Level 9

Ballistic / blast / anti-theft below-ground cushion matting system

Anti-climb warning system (installed in-wall)

Engineered for areas subject to high seismic activity

Engineered for areas subject to high winds

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse)

HEMP (High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse)

Quick, simple retrofit solutions

Fast and easy install

Choice of wall finish (design and color)

Quick repair options



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